Mens Bandana Cotton Neckerchief Headband Square Head Wrap Scarf Headwear

The bandana is still associated with cowboys and gangsters. But since the ’90s the square kerchief has been turned into a stylish must-have head gear. Why? Because the iconic headpiece suits a great diversity of styles and is just perfect for multiple functions. We offer you a wide range of cotton bandanas. Choose one or several to your taste and express your individuality.

Product Details


Mens Bandana Cotton Neckerchief Headband Square Head Wrap Scarf Headwear

100 % COTTON. The head wrap is crafted from lightweight, ultimately breathable and highly absorbent cotton fabric. Provides effective and comfortable protection during hot summer days, workouts, different activities including running, trekking, biking. Durable, machine washable at 86º F / 30º C or colder



Any of our bandanas would make a small but truly useful and unforgettable present for your buddy, brother, son, boyfriend, husband, male friend or coworker. You don't need a special occasion to please someone you care about.


GENEROUS SIZE. Approximate dimensions of the kerchief are 21" Х 21" (53 cm x 53 cm). The size allows you to wear your bandana in different styles, wrapping it around your head, forehead, neck or wrist. Can be used as a face mask.


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