Selection and use of Tumblers

Date:Oct 24, 2018

1. A good professional wine cup body must be elegant and supple, smooth and warm, the cup is rounded and thin, lightweight and pleasant, on the one hand has the perfect beauty and touch, on the one hand, the wine can fully contact with air, temperature, concentration, harmony, uniformity and richness are perfectly displayed.

2. Handmade cups in the arc of an exceptionally delicate wash, if the finger touch the foot of the Cup, the machine Cup can often feel a straight straight through the thin seam, not difficult to identify.

3. It is best not to pour out the wine in the wine glass, in general, the 1/2~1/3 to the glass is enough, but the champagne can be poured to about 1/2~2/3, to facilitate the viewing of beautiful golden luster and bubbles. 

4. When holding a wine cup, it is best to hold the foot or the base part of the finger lightly, and gently rotate the shaking glass before drinking, so as to make the wine gas divergent, so as to facilitate the smell. Do not hold the cup with your hands, lest it affect the temperature of the wine.

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