Wooden Solar Camping Light

This product is the best choice for people who like the outside activities and camps.High quality LED light cover with high grade wooden,beautiful,durable,lightweight and long operation life.With a highly concentrated solar cell and a strong rope,easy to carry to anywhere.

Product Details


Wooden Solar Camping Light

The wooden solar camping lantern, it is a necessity for anyone going camping. Featured with ultra bright LED light for operation life up to 100,000 hours, this Ultra Bright Solar Camping Lantern is low consumption and power-saving.


 With a durable nylon rope, you can easily hang it in the tent.There is a Highly concentrated solar cell on the top lid,when it is exposed to the light,it will be on charge,when it isn’t,that will off charge and light up around.


Altogether, with this LED Solar Camping Lantern, you can do outdoor activities at any time with security guaranteed, and you will not be afraid of the darkness in the forest. Don’t miss this precious opportunity, this Solar Camping Lantern Light is your right choice!

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