Outdoor Folding Dome Canopy Shelter

Rain or shine, outdoor events are far more protected and visually appealing with the use of canopies. These temporary structures offer shelter from rain or UV rays, and can be designed with custom branding to advertise and/or promote a business or organization. Canopies are incredibly versatile, and make ideal coverings for a limitless array of uses outdoors.

Product Details


Canopies are often made of high quality materials for durability and longevity. The frame material is galvanized steel or anodized aluminum. The durability of galvanized steel is incredible and is ideal for long-term use, especially if the shelter must withstand extreme weather or harsh conditions. 


Anodized aluminum is lighter and this is the preferred canopy that requires frequent movement. The vinyl fabric tension system is our cover material. This highly durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film can be additionally treated for longer life or special protection such as coatings to more effectively resist UV rays.


In addition to its beautiful design, versatile application, and custom choices, plus canopy design and testing to withstand extreme wind and snow loads.


Due to the temporary nature of the canopy, easy access and dismantling capabilities are a key feature, and the weather port canopy can be mounted on almost any plane.


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